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The content below was all designed using Swift 3D software from ElectricRain. The software is very useful for creating 3D Flash objects that can be exported as images or animation in a variety of formats. Unless you have the ImageZoom extension for Firefox, you might have to scroll around to view the pictures; some of which are 2000 x 2000 pixels. Swift offers two main export categories: vector and raster. When you render a 3D scene in vector format, it creates a scene that is defined by mathematics. The lines and fills are all transferred to the Flash Player as mathematical definitions of shapes and lines, so you can zoom in without lowering quality. Raster on the other hand, generates life-like images that are not scalable.

Lightning Eye Lightning Eye - This is one of my favorite images, which I actually created on accident with one of my own textures.
Image file size=1.46 MB
Mercurix Ball Mercurix Ball - This is just a soccer-ball shape with a mercury texture and one of my environments.
Image file size=786 KB
Orbits Orbits - A VERY cool design originally created by Nathan. This is my version, which is about twice as big, and uses very different textures with thicker, more rounded tori. Click here to download the desktop version, sized at 1600 x 1200.
Image file size=1.93 MB
Dollar Sign Dollar Sign - This is a great looking hi-res dollar sign that I use as a watermark on all documents regarding expenses. Somewhat like a trademark...
Image file size=460 KB
Word Reflection Word Reflection - I created this just to test reflections. It's just my name with a textured panel below it.
Image file size=243 KB
Background 1 Background 1 - I created this background initially to use on my PDA, but decided to enlarge it for website purposes and desktops.
Image file size=167 KB
Background 2 Background 2 - This picture has all the same lines and curves as the one above. The only difference are the colors I used.
Image file size=169 KB
Tarp Scout Tarp - Long ago on Boy Scout campouts where we had to make our own shelters, I always used this design. I'm only putting a picture of it on my site because the animation was twenty Megabytes. I used the animation in a Scout presentation where we were showing pictures from an island trip. You can't tell from this picture, but hours of detail went into designing the objects, especially the hiking poles which hold the shelter up.
Image file size=73.4 KB
Outline Morph Ball - This was the first step to the next animation. As you watch this, you'll notice several flickering lines as the ball changes shape. Unfortunately, this was unavoidable when vector-rendering because the software felt that they were necessary in the outline...
Swf file size=99.1 KB
Morph Ball - This is the final animation with textures and effects. Note - do not watch it if you are photo-sensitive :) .
Swf file size=361 KB
Spinning Bat - In several of my presentations, I've included onscreen-animated-clickable buttons that advance the movie to the next scene. This is one of my particular favorites which I used in a Bats presentation for Communications class.
Swf file size=1.04 MB
P Sublevel - In chemistry terms, this is a "P" Sublevel electron configuration - in 3D form. That may not mean anything to you, but I designed this anyway to serve as a representation when I made a model for chemistry class.
Swf file size=4.98 MB
Napalm Missile - I designed this for a presentation in English class: Vietnam War Weaponry. Not much to it, because I just needed enough visual crap to stall.
Swf file size=1.68 MB

The next content section was all created using Swish. Most people don't know about Swish, but I'm sure you've heard of Flash (considering 97.7% of all internet users have it). Swish is the Flash-made-easy program, which costs less and is almost as powerful. I personally favor Swish over Flash, and I use it to make presentations for just about anything... from school speeches to wedding rehearsal dinner presentations. One of the best things about Swish is that anything you create with it (text, shapes, etc.) won't be distorted when you zoom in. For instance, click on the Jellyfish animation to see it full screen, then try zooming in. The quality stays the same.

"My Card" - As you might have guessed, this is my Business Card. It combines features of both Swift and Swish. I used Swift to design the front and back images, as well as text, while I used Swish to do the animation and text shadow.
Swf file size=164 KB
Jellyfish Animation - Here is a great example of the power of SwishMax. It has hundreds of amazing text effects just like this one that are very easy to use, just like the "Loading" animation you see on most of my flash files. I boosted the framerate on this one to about 35 FPS, because I wanted it to look a little more fluid.
Swf file size=254 KB
Rainforest Rainforest Presentation - THIS IS A LARGE FILE! Not my favorite persuasive presentation from Communications, but a good one nonetheless-and it's not quite beyond my internet quota. If you DO decide to watch this, keep the following things in mind: it's probably over five minutes / there was an entire speech to go along with this / at certain points in the presentation, it pauses (for when I had long sections to read). In the video, there will be a sign in the bottom-right corner of the screen that you can click to advance it to the next scene. You can watch this if you are interested in what I've been able to do with Swish, or if you are interested in saving the rainforest :) .
Swf file size=14.7 MB

The Evolution of Axel Studios: Below, you'll find several varieties of logos I've created for Axel Studios, which began in 2003. I began with a fairly simple animated logo, and made changes and updates to create what I use today. The majority only play once, so in order to watch them all from the beginning, either hit refresh a couple of times or right-click the animation, hit rewind, then hit play.

The original Axel Studios! This was my very first design, which took a very long time to create because of the light that shines out of the letters. Each one had to be hand tailored to the letter, and then animated to fade with it.

Nearly the exact same thing, but I edited the original to make this when I began using Swift 3D. This is the Morph Ball which can be seen above in the Swift section.

In 2005, I decided I was tired with the old color scheme and updated, considering blue and silver are my two favorite colors.

Axel Studios Animation - This took a very long time to render the first time I made it (I decided to make it 2000 pixels wide...it took 3 days and was >100 MB). This is an internet-friendly version weighing in at only 3.76 MB. Click here for fullscreen.

You've seen this, of course, at the top of every page on my site. The "A" and "L" of Axel have opposite orbiting animation, while the "X" and "E" are combined with a simple zig-zag animation. The Studios fade was almost an accident in the making. I was deciding whether I liked the raster or vector output better, so I put them both in the same scene and made one fade in first, letter by letter. I loved it.

Here's one of my newer logos, which has become one of my favorite. It took almost as long to create as the original, but it looks much better. This is another good example of an object that doesn't lose quality as you zoom in.

Here are the two avatars that I use for almost anything that requires an avatar... More scalable graphics!

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